How to use the Website

Within the Blog Section are updates to the site and family updates as well, such as data, pictures, and stories. Also will be trips to cemeteries to find and clean stones.

The Search Page contains all of the links to the heads of each family. Families are broken down by last name. If you don't see the name you are looking for, search for the individuals fathers name. Not evertyone is on the site at this time, it is still a huge work in progress.

The Cemeteries Page contains all of the cemeteries that I have either visited or haven't visited. These pages contain all of the information of where individuals are buried, plot locations if any, pictures of tombstones, and locations of stones within the cemetery. I've tried to design these pages so you can visit them on your own.

Tombstone Cleaning Services

I am offering cleaning services for your families memorials, visit this page for more knformation.