Francis Mahorter
Birth: Jul 1762 ♦ Wadsworth, PA
Death: 9 Jul 1862 ♦ Saline, MI

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Francis Mahorter



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Reason of Death:

Francis was born in PA, and moved to Michigan before 1840, with the spelling of the last name as Mahorter

Francis is found on the U.S. census of 1840 in Saline, Michigan outside of Detroit

Age at death was 100 according to his tombstone, but i have found conflicting information on this that he was 80 at death

Francis is buried at Benton Cemetery (very old cemetery, not even marked from the road) just outside of Detroit with his second wife, Joyce Brainard (tombstone is lying upside down on the ground), his son who was bliond, George (died young at an age of 20), and a brother in law (Nelson Brainard)

Found that Francis may have two brothers, James and Lorey, and father may have been Charles (not entirely sure on these facts)

Francis was a farmer when he lived in Michigan

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Spouse Parents

Cemetery Information

Cemetery Name
Cemetery Location
Francis Mahorter Benton Cemetery Washtenaw County, Saline, MI
Margaret Unknown
Joyce Brainard Mahorter Benton Cemetery Washtenaw County, Saline, MI No Stone
Margaret Mahorter Jacobus Macon Cemetery Lenawee County, Macon, MI
Charles Mahorter Unknown
Catherine Mahorter Woodruff Hall Oakwood Cemetery Lenawee County, 333 E Sienna Heights Dr, Adrian, Michigan
Jacob F "Jake" Mahorter Unknown
George Mahorter Benton Cemetery Washtenaw County, Saline, MI


1840 U.S. Census

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