Benjamin H Brownell
Birth: 8 May 1750 ♦ Dartmouth, MA
Death: 16 Mar 1840 ♦ Danby, VT

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Benjamin H Brownell

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  • Age at Death: 90

  • Reason of Death:

  • Benjamin was born on 8 May 1750 in Dartmouth, MA.

  • Married Mary Ann Durfree-Russell on 16 Mar 1775 in Rutland, VT.

  • Benjamin and Mary had 16 children, Eunice, Richien, Annie, Zadoc, Russel, Alpheus, Benjamin, Shadrock, Gideon, Bradock, Richien, Russel, Joseph, Benjamin, Sarah, and Elijah.

  • Revolutionary War Vet 1775 - 1783

  • As per the 1790 Census he lived in Westport, MA.

  • As per the 1800 Census he lived in Greenbush, NY.

  • As per the 1810 Census he lived in Easton, NY.

  • As per the 1820 Census he lived in Westport, MA.

  • Benjamin died on 16 Mar 1840 in Danby, VT and buried at Central Village Cemetery in Westport, MA.

  • Mary is buried at Scottsville Cemetery in Danby, VT.

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Cemetery Information

Cemetery Name
Cemetery Location
Benjamin Brownell Unknown
Mary Ann Dufree Russell Brownell Scottsville Cemetery Danby, VT
Bradock Brownell Carleton Cemetery Elkhart, IN
Gideon Brownell Logan City Cemetry Logan, UT


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