Johannes Hans Deifendorf
Birth: 20 Jun 1700 ♦ Bassersdorf, Switzerland
Death: 23 Feb 1791 ♦ Canajoharie, NY

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Johannes Hans Diefendorf

  • Occupation: Poss Farmer

  • Veteran:

  • Age at Death: 91

  • Reason of Death:

  • Johannes was born on 20 Jun 1700 in Bassersdorf, Switzerland.

  • Married Elizabeth Keller on 19 Mar 1725 in Bassersdorf, Switzerland.

  • Arrived in the US in 1734

  • Children of Johannes and Elizabeth are Rudolph, Hans, Catherine, Barbara, Henry, Jacob, Johannes Jr, Elizabeth, and John.

  • Johannes died on 23 Feb 1791 in Canajoharie, NY, and is buried in the Village of Fort Plain Cemetery on 38 Clyde St, Fort Plain, NY.

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Cemetery Information

Cemetery Name
Cemetery Location
Johannes Hans Deifendorf Unknown
Elizabeth Keller Unknown
Rudolf Deifendorf Unknown
Hans George Deifendorf Unknown
Elisabeth Deifendorf Spaan Unknown
Katharina Deifendorf Unknown
Barbara Deifendorf Wilson Wilson Family Cemetery Montgomery County, NY
Henry Deifendorf Possibly died at Orinsky Battleground, NY
Jacob Deifendorf Deifendorf Burial Lot Rural Grove, NY
Johannes Deifendorf Unknown
Christina Deifendorf Geissenburg Cemetery Minden, NY
John Jacob Deifendorf John Jac Deifendorf Family Burial Ground Montgomery County, NY


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