John H Deifendorf
Birth: 8 Aug 1773 ♦ Minden, NY
Death: 16 Dec 1860 ♦ Minden, NY

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John H Diefendorf

  • Occupation:

  • Veteran:

  • Age at Death: 87

  • Reason of Death:

  • John was born on 8 Aug 1773 in Minden, NY.

  • As per the 1790 Census he lived in Canajoxharrie, NY.

  • Married Catherine Klock on 14 Jul 1793 in Danube, NY.

  • Children of John and Catherine are Daniel, Katherine, John, and Adam.

  • As per the 1800 Census he lived in Minden, NY.

  • As per the 1830 Census he lived in Columbia, NY.

  • As per the 1840 Census he lived in Salisbury, NY.

  • As per the 1850 Census he lived in Danube, NY.

  • John died on 16 Dec 1860 in Minden, NY.

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Cemetery Information

Cemetery Name
Cemetery Location
John H Diefendorf Sr Unknown
Catherine Klock Diefendorf Jacob I Klock Family Burial Ground St Johnsonville, NY
Daniel Diefendorf Edwards Cemetery St Johnsonville, NY
Katherine Diefendorf Unknown
John Diefendorf Jr Church St Cemetery Little Falls, NY
Adam Diefendorf Unknown


John Diefendorf 1790 U.S. Census, Canajorrie, NY