Cecil Amer Mohorter
Birth: 22 June 1894 ♦ Baldwinsville, NY
Death: 6 Feb 1957 ♦ Syracuse, NY

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Cecil Amer Mohorter

  • Occupation: Machinist

  • Veteran:

  • Age at Death: 62

  • Reason of Death: Unknown

  • Cecil was born in Camillus, NY on 22 Jun 1894.

  • Married Bertha E Koppler on 8 Jul 1910 in Welland, Canada. Had 3 children, Louisa, Russell, and Grace.

  • As per the 1920 Census he lived in Dewitt, NY and his occupation was a mechanic for a silver factory.

  • Married Grace Mildred Brownell in 1926 in Syracuse, NY. Had 7 children, Shirley, Monte, Dolores, Beverly, Janis, Robert, and Doug.

  • Grace Brownell was born in Kirkville, NY on 21 Apr 1904. She was a hairdresser as well as keeping house during her life. She would bake bread as well as can food. Grace died at a young age of 43 on 4 Aug 1947 from congestive heart failure.

  • The house they lived in had no electricity or plumbing. There was a coal stove for heating, and Cecil would bring home a bag of coal each night to heat the house and for cooking.

  • As per the 1930 Census he lived in Manlius, NY and his occupation is a machinist.

  • Cecil purchased his first home from Edgar Levi Brownell, and used the land to farm.

  • As per the 1940 Census he lived in Sullivan, NY and his occupation is a machinist.

  • In 1941 Cecil worked as a machinist at the Savage Arms Company (still in business in Utica), during World War II.

  • Around this time Cecil purchased 4 cows, which would become Monte‚Äôs favorite and lead him on to become a farmer himself.

  • As per the 1950 Census he lived in Sullivan, NY and his occupation is a shop foreman for Mailac Condity.

  • Cecil registered for WW I and WW II, however never served.

  • Cecil died on 6 Feb 1957 in Kirkville, NY. He as well as Grace are buried at Fyler Settlement Cemetery in Kirkville, NY.

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Cemetery Information

Cemetery Name
Cemetery Location
Cecil Amer Mohorter Fyler Settlement Cemetery Kirkville, NY
Grace Mildred Brownell Mohorter Fyler Settlement Cemetery Kirkville, NY
Doug Alan Mohorter Oakwood Cemetery Chittenango, NY
Monte Amer Mohorter Fyler Settlement Cemetery Kirkville, NY
Robert Franklin Mohorter St Agatha Cemetery Canastota, NY
Dolores Cecilia Mohorter Hill Mount Carmel United Methodist Church Cemetery Winston-Salem, NC
Janis Elizabeth Mohorter Dapolito Unknown
Shirley Yvonne Mohorter Allen Unknown
Beverley Joyce Mohorter Locke Unknown
Bertha E Koppler Mohorter Unknown
Louisa Elizabeth Mohorter Unknown
Russell Francis Mohorter Maplewood Cemetery Camillus, NY
Grace Edith Mohorter Unknown


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Cecil Amer Mohorter Death Index

Louise Elizabeth Mohorter Marriage Certificate

Shirley Mohorter Marriage Certificate

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