Jacob F "Jake" Mohorter
Birth: 1825 ♦ PA
Death: Unknown ♦ MI

Family Life Story


Jacob F Mohorter

  • Occupation:

  • Veteran:

  • Age at Death: 71

  • Reason of Death: Unknown

  • Jacob was born in Pennsylvania, in 1825 (exact dates unknown).

  • As per the 1850 Census Jacob lived in Saline, MI with his father’s two brothers Lorey and Jas as well as with his brother George. His occupation is listed as farmer.

  • Jacob married Mary Elizabeth Coleman in 1854 in Michigan.

  • They had two sons, Francis George, and Levi David.

  • As per the 1880 Census Jacob is listed as a boarder in Bridgewater, MI. His occupation is listed as a laborer.

  • This is all the information that I have on Jacob. He died in the poor house, meaning he had no remaining money. I assume he is buried near Washtenaw, MI, unknown cemetery.

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Cemetery Information

Cemetery Name
Cemetery Location
Jacob F "Jake" Mohorter Unknown
Mary Elizabeth Coleman Mohorter Northview Cemetery Dearborn, MI
Francis George Mohorter Maplewood Cemetery Camillus, NY
Levi David Mohorter Northview Cemetery Dearborn, MI


1840 U.S. Census, Briar Creek, PA

1880 U.S. Census, Bridgewater, MI

Levi David Mohorter Death Record Detroit, Michigan